Why Families are Interested in Buying 2 BHK Flats in Kolkata

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Kolkata is the metropolitan city where real estate prices are still reasonable and that’s why it is a favorite pick of locals and even those who are settled outside the city. With major infrastructure, education, hospitality, IT hub, construction, and engineering. The real estate development is rapidly growing in Kolkata.

The residential real estate market of India especially one that is linked with flats has witnessed rapid development in the last few years. When it comes to selecting a flat, most of the buyers now prefer 2 BHK flat over 1 BHK flat. A 1 BHK flat has lower cost and is more affordable than a 2 BHK flat, but when we take into account the other associated factors and the market trend, a 2 BHK flat comes out more budget-friendly and affordable. Some of the reasons why families are interested in buying 2 BHK flats in Kolkata are given below:

Family Planning

Indian society is a family-oriented andclosely knitted society. Even with the increase in the nuclear family, it is not merely the couples occupying an apartment all the time. Moreover, any person willing to get married will be looking forward to buying a house at first. This is generally a decision taken at the early stage of the career where the budget is a moderate one. But the budget factor should be considered in context to plans. While considering the marriage, getting a 1BHK apartment might sound good enough for just two people, but will certainly feel cramped when the family grows. Thus, a 2BHK apartment becomes the obvious minimum choice.

Cost Analysis

India is a highly cost-sensitive market. Almost any buying decision is taken after checking out the price and price is generally the most important determining factor. While 1BHK apartments are comparatively cheap, they will not be a practical choice for a person considering a growing family or not looking to change the apartment any soon. 3BHK apartments and above are quite expensive. The price is well exceeding the mark of 1 crore in most cases. On the contrary, 2BHK is not just a practical option, but an affordable one as well. In major cities such as Kolkata, getting a 2BHK apartment in a good locality with excellent communication advantages and other general facilities. Thus, most of the time 2BHK flats become the preferred choice.

Better Maintenance at Low Investment

Compared to the 3BHK apartments, maintenance of a 2BHK apartment will cost much lower. However, when compared to the 1BHK apartment, the cost increase is not so significant. Thus, it is always a smarter choice to opt for a 2BHK apartment and ensure that the apartment maintenance charge remains lower than a 3 or 4 BHK.

Better utilization

Investments are done keeping in mind the available resources. 3BHK apartment sounds like a large space, but with the modern nuclear families cropping up especially in the metro cities like Kolkata, opting for a 3BHK apartment might just turn out to be an excess of space. 2BHK apartments are cozy and offer optimum utilization of the space.


A 2 BHK is more spacious than a 1 BHK. You have more rooms, more outdoor space, bigger rooms, and a kitchen. Sometimes, many developers add a study room or a kid’s room to give a 2 BHK unit a bigger look. Due to this, you can easily accommodate the furniture and home décor accessories accordingly.

Market Availability

With transformative policies like affordable housing, a mid-segment working professional can think of buying a 2 BHK flat by paying less. Moreover, developers are also launching these units more as the demand is much in the market as compared to 1 BHK flat.

These are some of the reasons behind people opting for 2 BHK flats. Poddar Groups has also multiple competed 2 BHK flats for sale in South Kolkata that are located on prime locations with all the modern amenities. If you are looking for Vastu compliant flats for sale at reasonable prices then contact Poddar Groups the most trusted real estate promoter in South Kolkata.

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