Why Bansdroni is a Prime Location for Buying Flats in Kolkata

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Bansdroni is a locality of South Kolkata in West Bengal, India. Bansdroni is a Kolkata Municipal Corporation Area & it comes under Kolkata Police jurisdiction. The location of Bansdroni South Kolkata is a premium one that offers a better lifestyle and a better atmosphere to stay in with all modern amenities and connectivity as compared to other adjoining places. All schools, colleges are nearby and so as the local markets, all the flats are located near metro and bus stations and have state of the art design with wide roads leading towards them.

Benefits of Buying Flat Near Bus and Metro Station:

Buying your new flat close to transport hubs, for example, might prove to be a savvy decision in the long term. Why? Well, as you might imagine, shared buses, trains and ferries can greatly alleviate the traffic congestion many regions already face. Some of the advantages of buying flats near the metro, bus and train stations are given below.

  • Eliminate Commute Frustrations
    Enjoy a stress-free commute when you buy a flat close to public transport. A regular timetable, combined with a consistent speed and free-flowing travel routes offers the ultimate in convenience for the whole family. To capitalize on it, you’d want to design and build your new home close enough to the hub to be easily accessible but still far enough away that the noise and foot traffic of other commuters doesn’t impact your life.
  • Save money on transport
    The cost of petrol might be fairly low at the moment, but it’s reasonable to assume that these prices aren’t sustainable forever. Buying your flat within walking distance to bus or train station is a future-proof investment that enables you to reduce your transport expenses.
  • Enjoy superior value growth
    Given the advantages of public transport, it may come as a little surprise to learn that new flats built nearby to such hubs grow in value at a faster rate than those constructed in more isolated areas.

Benefits of Buying Flat Near Schools and Colleges:

Having your school or college close to home probably sounds like a dream to your parents. They probably love the idea of having you close and maybe you do too, going to school or college near your flat can save your time and save your children from the stress of traveling.

  • Food – Not Microwaved
    You can only substitute an actual meal with microwaved food for a few weeks until your craving system starts screaming for some food made by your mom. A quick trip home for a Sunday night dinner gives you a relief from the microwavable meals in the dorms.
  • Escape from Campus
    Sometimes a school or college campus can get a little constricting. You do everything on the college grounds – you eat, study, go to class, hang out with friends, and sleep on campus. Your entire life happens in the same area, and it might leave you feeling trapped mid-semester. Running home for a quick nap in your bed or a snuggle with your loving pet can be a relief for the soul and an energizer to finish out the remainder of the semester.
  • Avoid Clothing Clutter
    Stuffing all of your clothes for an entire year can be quite the task. Figuring out where to put your winter jacket while your denim shorts take precedence in the early months of classes is a little tougher than you might expect. Finding room for your warm-weather clothing is easier while your cold-climate stuff waits patiently at home. It’s tough to expect when the weather will make a change for the colder, so having your snow boots nearby to pick up is a definite benefit for having a school close to home.
  • Laundry Load
    Laundry rooms in the dorms are typically packed, and taking the time out of your busy schedule to watch your clothes dry (which is comparable to watching paint dry) is means for wearing those dirty jeans to class just a couple more times. But, if you’re close to your mother’s clothing washing talent, you might be able to bribe her into doing a few loads of laundry for you.

Benefits of Flats with Close Located Food Markets

There’s something about visiting neighborhood food markets that makes people feel very much alive. Unlike in supermarkets where fruits, vegetables, and cooked meals are covered tightly in cling wrap and arranged in generic, harshly-lit aisles, food markets let you touch, smell, and even taste what’s on sale. Millennials and young families have discovered the pleasures of shopping at food markets, making it a part of their after-work and weekend itinerary. Here are the reasons why food markets are enjoying a resurgence, and why you should consider living near one.

  • It Gives a Whole New Dimension to the Food Shopping Experience.
    When shopping at food markets, you’ll be able to talk to sellers and know more about the things you’re adding to your plate. Where do the fruits and vegetables come from and how were they grown? How was the beef raised? Is the Sans Rival a family heirloom recipe passed on from generation to generation? What milk was used to make that cheese? These buyer-seller interactions will help develop a newfound appreciation for the time and effort it took to grow and prepare the produce and dishes on sale.
  • You’ll Support Up and Coming Homegrown Artisans.
    Food markets are also venues where local artisans showcase handmade products like one-of-a-kind jewelry, home accessories, and art pieces. Supporting their ventures sustains their creativity – and livelihood, too.
  • It’s a Great Way to Know People in Your Neighborhood.
    You’ll probably bump into the lady living two doors away from you or that family of five from across your building while browsing through a community food market. It’s the perfect opportunity to engage them in conversation and nurture more personal connections.
  • Food Markets Make a Healthy Lifestyle More Accessible.
    In communities where the nearest restaurant is a fast food joint or a convenience store, it’s difficult to pay attention to one’s diet and nutritional requirements. Living close to a food market where fresh food is readily available makes it easier to eat healthier. Moreover, health experts have confirmed that fruits and vegetables are grown locally and eaten soon after harvesting retain more nutrients than those shipped from places thousands of miles away and are sitting on supermarket shelves for long periods.

Poddar Groups which is the most trusted real estate promoter in Bansdroni is offering several well-designed flats to its buyers with all the above-stated amenities along with wide roads and fresh groundwater. There are plenty of 2 BHK flats for sale in South Kolkata by Poddar Groups that are Vastu compliant and designed in a way to elevate your lifestyle.

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