Quality Measures of Building Materials

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Building Materials are one of the most primary things while purchasing a flat. So while purchasing a flat, do check the basic quality measures of a flat. From under construction projects to ready projects a good developer will always maintain his quality. Like in case of casting a good developer always use good standard cement, iron, sand etc. So there are several points that need to be check to choose a good flat. The points are discussed below:-

1.Checking of Cement, Iron, Sand, Bricks & Stone-chips: These are the basic components needed for construction of building and utmost important things which quality matters a building lot. So do check the brand and quality of these things and do notice carefully the ratio of mixture of sand-cement-stonechips.

2.Curing (sufficient water supply after casting): Curing is a process in concrete casting for protection from loss of moisture and maintains the normal temperature of casting. As a result it gives durability and enough strength to building. Lack of curing will give symptoms like cracks in building.

3.Checking the Wiring and Drainage Systems of Building: Monitoring of wiring systems and to know the brand that is using for wiring. Similarly also get the same knowledge on drainage and sanitary systems. In case of sanctioned authorized building there is always a sanction of internal drainage systems. So do check the papers.

4.Check the Quality of Fittings! Are They Branded: While purchasing a flat do notice the materials used by the developers. Are all things branded? If yes, then that developer is perfect and trying to be more perfect for future projects.

Being a leading realty developer in Kolkata, Poddar Groups always maintain its quality using best brands of materials. As a message to the readers those who want to buy projects from us they can check anything by their best possible way. And we will be happy to provide you the best & long-lasting products.

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