Buying 3 BHK Flats in Kolkata – What are the Benefits

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Buying a house is one of the most important decisions of our life. We all wish for a dream house that contains every modern facility out there. But, at times, we get so confused about choosing a 2 BHK or 3 BHK that we often end up making a wrong decision. While on a hunt to find the perfect apartment, many potential buyers hire experts to look for such facilities. Hunting for an apartment, and that too a 3 BHK, is not an easy task. This is because so many factors need to be taken care of before you can buy. These factors are amenities, locality, space, etc. There are multiple benefits of buying a 3 BHK flat in Kolkata, some of them are given below:

Future Planning

If you are a person, who is highly focused on safeguarding your future, invest in a 3 BHK flat. Since our home is an asset for a lifetime, it’s important to get something that serves even in our future. So, when you are buying a home, remember that your family is going to grow bigger and you need to make sure there is enough space for everyone. According to the experts’ suggestion, always think about your future when it comes to buying an apartment.

Prime Areas

If you notice carefully, a lot of 3 BHK flats are located at important places in South Kolkata. Real estate builders are concentrated on constructing spacious flats that give comfort to the customers. If you are a part of a joint family or a big family, then 3 BHK is the right choice for you. If you buy the property at a prime location, your travel time gets reduced. Also, you have the comfort of staying close to schools, shopping malls, hospitals, and entertainment spots.


There is a moment we all think about some extra space for our rooms and homes. When we require a little more space for our new furniture or for someone who comes to live with us for a longer period. Some take advantage of this extra living space and turn it into a home office or for their skill workshop to get involved in what they love to do in their spare time.

Guest Room

We have come across this subject but it is something you should consider yourself when buying a new apartment. We have come across some 2BHK flat owners in Kolkata and most of them stated the issue of little or no space to welcome and offer a stay for their beloved ones. In the meanwhile, there were no matters regarding the space issues from 3 BHK flats in Kolkata. Your spare room will help to accommodate your parents or cousins and they will become happy to be welcomed in your flat.


Every industry is evolving day by day and some become affordable and others go into immoderate. Apartment industries are also implementing new ideas and developing modern flats to serve people at an affordable price. Most of the leading banks are providing economical loan schemes for people to buy 3 BHK flats in Kolkata. This helps you lead a better-quality life with all the amenities at your doorstep.

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