A Valuable Guide to Help You Move in Your New Home in South Kolkata with Great Ease

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Are you moving to a new house? Well, then it can be both a challenging and exciting experience for you. But, you should just keep in mind that shifting to a new house requires a lot of planning and also requires you to pack all your belongings properly as well as unpack them at your new home. Just go through a few important tips listed below to help you reach your new home in a stress-free way.

Sign up with a reliable packer and mover

If you choose a reliable packer and mover, then half of your work is done. You can easily move smaller items by yourself. But moving big things like sofa set, fridge, dining table and TV etc requires careful packing and even moving it poses a big challenge and hassle. Hence, it is best to leave it in the hands of packers and movers who have experience in handling these things. You can ask your friends, family, and relatives for providing you with the names of reliable packers and movers. You should also take photographs of all your belongings and keep a record of it.

Pack your belongings in an organized way

If you pack all your items in a proper and organized way, then it will make your unpacking process very easy. It is highly recommended that you pack your goods room wise. If you do this, then all you need to do is to reach your new home and unpack them in the relevant room. You should pack the essential items first. Packing of property papers, jewelry, and insurance documents, etc should be done by family members.

Label the storage boxes

It is a well-known fact that moving to a new home is indeed a hassle as it involves a lot of logistics to be taken care of properly. But, you can ease this stress if you separate all your items properly. One of the best ways by which you can handle this is by labeling all your storage boxes. If you label a box having all your kitchen items like kitchen tools, then this will make your task easier as you can easily unpack it and keep it in your new kitchen. You can label your valuable items box as miscellaneous or give it a code name which is just known to you and your family.

Door Locks

It is necessary to change the door locks of your new home as soon as the property seller hands over the property papers to you. This will ensure the safety of your home and you and your family members will be the only people having access to your property.

Ensure your mails to be sent to your new home

If you redirect all your mails to be forwarded to your new home, then it will help you in protecting your personal information. It is necessary to inform your bank, telecom provider as well as insurance company to update their records accordingly so that your mails don’t get misplaced in the future.

Know where the main water valve and the circuit breaker is located

It proves to be very beneficial if you know where your main water valve and circuit breaker is located. If you face a plumbing emergency and have to call a plumber, then you can easily inform the plumber where your main water valve is located if you are aware of it from before.

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