4 reasons why should you invest in a 1BHK Flat in South Kolkata

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If a home buyer wanted to buy his or her dream home for the first time, then 1 Bhk is an ideal solution. It is more affordable with fewer prices to buy a house that is tight on budget. Also, one more thing is that it offers lower monthly installments and small down payments.

Considering the 1Bhk flats we found 4 reasons why should you invest in that. Let’s take a look at these.

  1. Reasonable or Affordable

    It is more reasonable for a home buyer if he or she wants to purchase a smaller unit than a bigger one. It’s better to invest in a 1Bhk if the home buyer desires to buy a home for the first time. This is going to become more helpful for the buyer to pay monthly installments and to give a small-scale down payment.

  2. Easy to pay Rent

    1Bhk apartment has more demand for the bachelors and newly wedded couples because of its small units. Due to its smaller units, it is easy to them the monthly rents.

  3. Lower Property Tax

    As we know bigger the unit one has to pay more property tax, but when it is for the smaller units like 1 Bhk it is much lesser on that property tax.

  4. Demand

    As compared to 2 Bhk and 1 Bhk is a secondary choice for the buyers. But nowadays the housing price found very high. In many cities when jobholders, young couples, or bachelors prefer to buy a 1 Bhk apartment as it is comparatively easy to pay rent. So, these are 4 reasons which lead to buying 1Bhk Flat in South Kolkata for the home buyers.

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