3 Benefits of Buying 3 Bhk Flat in South Kolkata

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The most important decision of our life is to buy a dream home. Many times we get confused that whether we choose a 2BHK or 3BHK flat and take the wrong decision. So we are here to help you in this confusion to take the right decision. So we have some useful tips to help you to make the right decision. Hence we suggest that to take the right decision y oust have proper research and knowledge about the real estate

To make a choice between 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats some suggestions are discussed below:

Future assumption:-

    • As we know that real estate is a fixed asset for our future, we have to choose the best one. So when we think of buying a dream home we have to remember that our family grows bigger in future and make the assurance that there is enough space for everyone. So think big to get a specious apartment for your family.

Space issue:-

    • Sometimes we think about managing space, in a 3 Bhk flat if a single couple having two children fined more spaces. There is a extra room for your guest without affecting your privacy and also the extra room can be used as study room for your grown-up children.


    Many people often make a wrong decision by investing in 2 Bhk room rather than 3Bhk. By considering more useful facts it is better to invest in a 3Bhk flat. So it is a right decision to buy a 3Bhk flat rather than 2Bhk flat. Now day’s real estate developers offer 3 Bhk flats in a competitive price with the facility increase in the house loan schemes. So investing in a 3 BHK property is more realistic than the 2 Bhk flats .

As buying a dream home is a fixed asset for a lifetime, one has to think about the future. If we are thinking to buy a home we have to choose the best one. Avoiding the confusion about 2 Bhk and 3Bhk flats we have to focus on the 3 Bhk flats rather than 2 Bhk flats as it is more effective than 2Bhk in many useful factors. The choice of the 3Bhk flats proves the wise decision of the buyer.

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