1BHK, 2BHK or 3BHK Flat – Which is the best option to invest in Kolkata?

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If a home buyer wanted to buy his or her dream home very often get confused about the right choice to invest in Kolkata. If the investor may not want to invest in buying properties for a long period of time, a small-sized apartment is a good option for the investor. As like that for longer time options big sized apartment such as 2 BHK or 3 BHK is suitable to invest in Kolkata.

It is more reasonable for an investor to purchase a smaller unit than a bigger one because it’s better to invest in a 1 BHK flat if the home buyers may be bachelors newly wedded couples and families with no kids. This is going to become more helpful for the buyer to pay monthly installments and to give a small-scale down payment.

A 2 BHK apartment is more affordable than 1 BHK in case of investing a large frame of time as it offers more space to family members, kids and gives privacy at the time of guest arrival.

If someone wants to settle down in a new city for a longer period of time, it’s better to invest in 3 BHK apartments instead of 1BHK or 2BHK. A 3BHK apartment may not affect your investment if you are willing to invest in a 2BHK flat or apartment as it gives an extra bedroom to the extra guest & also that room can be used for the one who has the choice for work from home as like as an office room.

When it comes to buying a property to an investor future planning is more important. As the home buyer wants the property for a large span of time it’s better to invest in big sized property due to the future availability of the family. In the case of bachelors, newly wedded couples or small families who have just buy a home for a small-time period, and then they can go for the small sized property.

There are also other factors such as the location, the financial situation, the size of the family and the time period of the investment by the investor also may affect the decision of the buyer. Since buying a home is a fixed asset to invest in Kolkata so it’s better to do the necessary action and make an effective decision for your future.

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